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Please do comment on my work, because I like to see what you think, and it'd help if you could suggest what more I could do in future works.

Especially my stories. Please comment in my stories.

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Hey, my friend KaraszKun is in need of some work and pay, so I'm here to help spread the word.

Commission Prices October Sale by KaraszKun

Here's the shop topic.

It would really help him out a lot. Thanks.
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Regnimalis - Linkin Park by UMSAuthorLava
Regnimalis - Linkin Park
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Regnimalis enemy, Linkin Park! (I am not kidding)

Linkin used to be something of a rebel in Nurcigo during his youth, right up to the day he left to Ciann. There, he grew into a proud fighter and tutor and married happily. Eventually, he was forced to find a way to support his wife and daughter. With few other options, he took up the mercenary life.

In one job, he was tasked with taking out a crooked Nurcigian politician. And take him out Linkin did. Unfortunately, he was heavily wounded in the process, and captured by his homeland. Then, he was forcibly purged of emotion and most of his memories, becoming Nurcigo's next big killer - a cold engine of technique and stealth.

Due to the heart-wipe, Linkin is unfeeling and empty - he doesn't even feel sympathy or hatred for any of his marks. He does develop a peculiar sense of honor in place of his lost emotions, however, and holds a strange respect for skilled, valuable warriors of any side.

Linkin Park uses a combination of lightning and shadow magic to create mystic chains, which extend from his arms and legs to bind, lasso, and restrain his victims. He can also sling a rope dart onto these chains to stab and slash foes from afar. The chains are quiet as they fly out, making them hard - if not impossible - to see coming.

- Linkin Park (not the band) (c) UMS Studio
Regnimalis - Okamiko Mawami by UMSAuthorLava
Regnimalis - Okamiko Mawami
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Regnimalis character, Okamiko Mawami!

Band of basis: Man With A Mission

Among ferrans, Okamiko doesn't quite blend in. Some would believe that she is half-Tharon; the fabled Tharons are said to be the species that first created the world of Regnimalis. The description that her mother had about her mate seems to fit in Tharon territory.

...Of course, very VERY few dedicated bookworms of the world would know of the ancient Tharons, so many ferrans would just consider Okamiko a straight-up freak - such lashing was harder to defend against after her mother was murdered by an unknown assassin. Thankfully, her mother's friend Jin helped Okamiko get away from the torment and live in peace. Once she was old enough to care for herself, she set up a remote home in the wild, outside of the outskirts of Bushiyo, Kogane (the city where she and her mother used to live). While she didn't plan to go back into the city itself, she couldn't help but gaze upon it, as it was at least her mother's home.

But, when she hears that the rabbit ferran Saelph Skyfree is looking for information about the unknown lunar nation Runis, she thought to the weaponry that her Tharon father left her and her mother with - their tech is beyond anything made in Regnimalis. Is there a connection? Either way, if she's going to find out, she'll have to step outside her small comfort zone...

Stern, strict, and mature, Okamiko would be like a wise big sister to allies around her age, like Saelph. However, she's not comfortable with crowds, judgmental or blunt types, nor assassins. Considering her "social outcast" status, it would take a lot to make her smile. Her biggest wish is to one day be accepted by the world.

Fittingly as ancient beings, Tharons are said to be much stronger than ferrans. Sure enough, Okamiko exhibits greater strength and stamina than the norm - but Jin believes that she may get stronger as she matures. She specializes in gravity magic, allowing her to manipulate kinetic pushes and pulls in many stylish ways. She can use a form of telekinesis, apply temporary gravity increase or decrease to specified objects, or even make things collapse. This type of magic is taxing on the user's stamina - even being half-Tharon can't keep Okamiko from tiring out too soon.

As a Samurai, Okamiko uses the weapons left by her father to exploit openings as they arise in battle. Incidentally, these weapons were intended to be given to her when she came of age. The technology is advanced, far beyond Regnimalian tech - it would take a Tharon, or part-Tharon, to operate them correctly. In time, Okamiko got a hang of each one.
- TOKYO: A katana that she wields in her right hand, it's practically her main weapon. Its blade is made of magic energy. Its main purpose is offense, so its strength and sharpness can be adjusted on the fly.
- Jean-Ken: A straight sword wielded in her left hand. Its magic blade doesn't sharpen or extend like TOKYO's does, but it can phase past certain obstacles to hit an intended target - for instance, dealing a slash that hits someone behind a wall...without damaging the wall itself.
- Kamikaze Boy: A set of greaves with gravitational jets around the ankle areas. Obviously, these add a boost to her dash and jump, as well as her kicking power.
- Santa Monica: The cannon attached to her left armguard. Its main purpose is launching her magic foci further than usual, but can also just shoot concentrated kinetic magic balls.
- Spear Rib: A windmill shuriken that Okamiko can easily control with her magic. She can spin it and direct it at targets as a large projectile, but she finds more use in using it as a shield. When spun with gravity magic, it can project a strong airlens that repels many magic-based attacks.

* Yes, Okamiko's look is inspired by Man With A Mission's stage attire of choice - chiefly, the bluish wolf masks.
* Bushiyo is, aesthetically, in the style of feudal Japan's cities, with fantasy-esque tinges of modern Tokyo. The name can be derived from bushido (samurai code of honor) or by rearranging the syllables of Shibuya (a special ward in Tokyo and major fashion/youth culture center).
* TOKYO is the only weapon here with any kanji on it, mainly because TOKYO TANAKA is the leader of Man With A Mission. The other weapons bear markings based on the other members' Twitter signatures. Jean-Ken has Jean-Ken Johnny's "^^", Kamikaze Boy bears his "GOW GOW", and Spear Rib's markings draw from his "・∀・". Santa Monica doesn't have a signature, so the cannon doesn't get one.
** Oh yes, in case anyone wasn't informed, Regnimalis IS going the way of JoJo and Guilty Gear with music-based names/themes. The mainest of the cast themselves won't be named after performers/songs, but they will have some band/song of basis for part of their designs/personalities/abilities.

- Okamiko (c) UMS Studio
Regnimalis - Dubhglas Francisca by UMSAuthorLava
Regnimalis - Dubhglas Francisca
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Regnimalis character, Dubhglas Francisca!

Band of basis: Nazareth

A proud warrior from Rubein's mountain city of Pedura, he now wanders alone. Why? Some say his heart was broken by his love. But he's a proud one in battle, never flinching before his enemies, but with a great deal of respect toward worthy foes.

This Barbarian concentrates power into his strikes, complimented with defenses provided by his control of stone magic - the power to manipulate rock matter. Including the matter of his axe, Nazareth. It may look like a plain old concrete axe, but with stone magic, he can boost its size and sharpness on the fly.

- Dubhglas (c) UMS Studio
Regnimalis - Lance Falchion by UMSAuthorLava
Regnimalis - Lance Falchion

Regnimalis character, Lance Falchion!

Band of basis: Queen

A dragon ferran coming from Stivaduro, a small town in Ciann, she's not too used to big-city ways. Still, she proved her skill by working her way up to a slot in Ferome's royal guard. She's partnered with Matthew Shaffron. She tries to steer away from anything "feminine", as her ideal image of a hero is more masculine in nature. That's why she insists that everyone calls her Lance. She won't tell her real first name.

Lance is a Dragoon, specializing in agility and tricky air motion. She has proven herself the only one capable of wielding the experimental spear, Mercury Queen. It's a conduit for electric magic, meaning it must run a constant charge through its wielder for maximum efficiency - a feat that few other Dragoons could even muster the courage to do. With this spear, Lance can manipulate electricity in a variety of creative (and dangerous) ways.

- Lance (c) UMS Studio

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UMSAuthorLava a total psychic psycho.
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Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
He's inspired by Japan and his insert has no eyeballs~
(The eye sockets shoot blood and Chacarron)

Don't let yourself be fooled by his chibi appearance~
(You better be afraid of...)
He doesn't play with guns, and he never does narcotics~
(Who has time for stupid things like that?)

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I don't have as many friends as you~
But I think you're nice, and maybe we can be frieeeeends...
...and if you say no, YOU'RE OKTOROK~

Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
Just remember this when you browse his gallery~
(I'm the craziest nut you'll ever see)

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: chibi--big eyes and noseless if has a regular human nose
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
Favourite cartoon character: Mitri (GEOweasel)
Hey, my friend KaraszKun is in need of some work and pay, so I'm here to help spread the word.

Commission Prices October Sale by KaraszKun

Here's the shop topic.

It would really help him out a lot. Thanks.
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