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I would greatly appreciate comments on my works. It would help to know how you feel about them and even any suggestions to improve my style.

Especially on backgrounds. I could really go for background advice.

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-= COMMISSION QUEUE =- (3 max)

Okay. Decided to give my commission prices a MAJOR overhaul. So here we go, everyone.

Commission Info by UMSAuthorLava


- If you need more details on the price listings, click the above image and check the description.
- Do not pay until you and I have agreed on a fair price based on the information and references. This may occur through notes.
- If the commission list is full, then wait until I complete at least one of the current commissions before making your offer.


Mr. Author
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-= COMMISSION QUEUE =- (3 max)

Okay. Decided to give my commission prices a MAJOR overhaul. So here we go, everyone.

Commission Info by UMSAuthorLava


- If you need more details on the price listings, click the above image and check the description.
- Do not pay until you and I have agreed on a fair price based on the information and references. This may occur through notes.
- If the commission list is full, then wait until I complete at least one of the current commissions before making your offer.
Commission Info

The price of each individual figure in the piece is determined by a few factors.

First, is this a full person or other mid/large-sized entity? Is said entity seen only partially in the picture? Or is this some smaller object that's separate from such an entity?
- Full figure: $10
- Half-body figure: $8
- Item: $6

Next, will these figures be just lines? Or colored? Or colored and shaded?
- Lines only: price x1
- +Color: price x1.5
- +Shading: price x2
(e.g. A colored full figure would cost $15 ($10 x1.5))

This next bit is a little subjective, but depending on how simple or complex each figure's design is, it can affect each figure's cost.
- If a figure has a simpler design (few colors and details): -10% price
- If a figure has a more complex design (lots of colors and/or details and lines): +10% price
(e.g. That colored full figure above is very difficult to make, so its cost becomes $16.50 ($15 + 10%))

Now how many figures are there altogether? I'll be happy to give a slight discount based on how many are in a piece.
- 2-3 figures: -10% on all figures
- 4+ figures: -20% on all figures
(e.g. Continuing the above figure (full, colored, complex: $16.50), if there are 4 like it in the piece, then their cumulative cost becomes $49.60 ($62 - 20%))

Next thing to add to the total figure cost is the background cost. Is it a simple background that consists of a flat with very few details? Is it a more dynamic background with motion lines and everything? Or is it an actual scenery?
- Simple: $3
- Dynamic: $6
- Location: $10
(e.g. The above example takes place in a dynamic background, so that brings it all to $55.60 ($49.60 + $6))

Some other things to note.
- No extreme fetish art (like inflation, vore, you name it). I'm trying to stay mature with my art.
- No porn. There's a fine line between sensual and porn, and I'd rather stay on the sensual side if I'm forced to choose.
- No extreme or realistic gore. That's not to say I wouldn't go to such an extreme, but I have to press some standards.
- I may do nudes, so long as they don't violate the above three rules. Nudes that are just sensual/artistic, those are more acceptable.
- I would greatly appreciate references of the subject(s) wanted. It'll save a lot of time and stress for you and me.
- I only take payments through PayPal, and only AFTER you and I have determined a fair price. Especially when you consider the simple/complex modifier for individual figures.

I hope this helps make things clear~
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

-= Story: Regnimalis =-
-= Subject: Akimatl =-

Behold! The main antagonist of Regnimalis.

Nobody knows where this jaguar ferran came from. All they know is that she asserted power over Nurcigo just as most of its land mysteriously lost its fertility. Now she has driven Nurcigo to spread and conquer once more, ruling with three other powerful ferrans that she dubs her "brothers". And what's more, she is involved in a nightmarish phenomenon known as the Arkhos parasites.

-= ARKHOS =-
Little is known about this formless organism - only that it reproduces by assimilating living matter and replicating other creatures. Arkhos can even inhabit other lifeforms and, in exchange for their free will, it enhances their natural attributes drastically. Fast healing, super strength and speed, and a lack of inhibition - those are just the standard "perks" of being an Arkhos host. Akimatl herself is a host. Is that why she's obsessed with spreading this bizarre parasite?

She looks like a teenage ferran, yet she houses many decades worth of combat experience in her brain. This gives more use to her unearthly strength, agility, and healing rate. Like many ferrans, she can channel her vibe into supernatural powers. Akimatl specifically manipulates blood, metal, and solar energy. The blood control is more an offshoot of metal control, but it is the most-used one. With this horrific power, she can absorb the blood of enemies (for faster healing or to take in their vibe) or force control of their bodies, like puppets. With her solar energy control, she can blind foes with scalding light, burn and deteriorate, or bestow life in a limited amount of land. Akimatl likes to use that latter power sparingly just to keep Nurcigo's good favor.

-= ST. ANGER =-
That large macuahuitl is Akimatl's main weapon. The small blades on its edges are made with the blood of previous foes that tried to assassinate her (to no avail, clearly). It reacts well to her metal manipulation, letting it sharpen its edges or extend for a longer swipe. Even during these form-warping moments, it feels light as a feather to Akimatl.

-= Force: FADE TO BLACK =-
Akimatl's main power is her most fearsome: the power of devolution. Essentially, Fade To Black makes its victims' capabilities go into retrograde, devolving to a previous, weaker state. This way, Akimatl can bring even the strongest of enemies to beneath her level, and undo their efforts of years of training. She's found other subtle uses for Fade To Black, like undoing the healing of wounds. However, she generally focuses this power on up to a few targets at a time. If she wants to use more of it, she has to recall it from some of her current victims, bringing them back to their current strength.

Akimatl is a firm believer of "survival of the fittest", and enforces that mentality onto all of Nurcigo. She has implanted other Arkhos cores into several ferrans, and she refers to them as her "children" through a warped kind of love. But above all else, she has taken an interest in Saelph and his Delay Spectrum Force...

-= TRIVIA =-
- Her band of inspiration is Metallica. Her name is actually derived from a corrupted spelling of Metallica's syllables rearranged - "A-ci-metall" becomes "Akimatl" to look more Aztec. Her weapon, St. Anger, and her Force, Fade To Black, are both named after Metallica songs, too.
- However, she also has influences from Pink Floyd - specifically, their "Dark Side of the Moon" album. Yes, that's why she's pink.
- Despite giving her the same trend of cute-beauty as I do with most anthros, I still wanted Akimatl to look a bit disturbing, as a result of the Arkhos in her body. Those tendrils sticking out of her body (and covering her breasts), and the flesh that replaces her hands and feet are just the start.
- When coming up with Akimatl, I got influenced by things like Tetsuo Shima (Akira), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7), and Kuja (Final Fantasy 9). Young people that hold godly power and want to assert their will on the world around them. This influence resulted in Akimatl's Darwinian outlook over the ferrans "beneath her". It also helps that she's a jaguar, which is regarded as an apex predator, and a symbol of power in the Mesoamericas.
- For that matter, why is she wearing that high-tech helm...?

- Akimatl (c) me
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

-= Commission: KyoraSan =-
-= Subject: Belldaire =-

Think of her as a medic youkai. Oh, that eye in her hair ribbons is her original left eye, by the way.

- Belldaire (c) KyoraSan


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