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Please do comment on my work, because I like to see what you think, and it'd help if you could suggest what more I could do in future works.

Especially my stories. Please comment in my stories.

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RWBY - Tulip by UMSAuthorLava
RWBY - Tulip
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Last of KyoraSan's RWBY OCs is...Tulip!

Her basis is The Little Mermaid. Oh, and she's a Faunus. Weapon of choice is a boom-box that unfolds into a tower shield, with four knives strapped in the back.

- Tulip (c) KyoraSan
- RWBY (c) RoosterTeeth
RWBY - Sequoia by UMSAuthorLava
RWBY - Sequoia
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Another KyoraSan RWBY character! This time, it's Sequoia!

She's based on the Paper Ballerina from another Hans Christian Andersen story, The Steadfast Tin Soldier. That immediately inspired me to give her a tin heart pendant and paper rose (thank you, Fantasia 2000). Oh, it may be hard to tell, but her two shotgun rifles form a Mongolian recurve bow.

- Sequoia (c) KyoraSan
- RWBY (c) RoosterTeeth
RWBY - Gingko by UMSAuthorLava
RWBY - Gingko
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Another KyoraSan commish. Another RWBY OC, Gingko!

Her theme is the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Little Match Girl" - there's some Christmas themes in it, so...Christmas tree decos. Her broadsword has a flamethrower built into the blade's groove.

- Gingko (c) KyoraSan
- RWBY (c) RoosterTeeth

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UMSAuthorLava a total psychic psycho.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
He's inspired by Japan and his insert has no eyeballs~
(The eye sockets shoot blood and Chacarron)

Don't let yourself be fooled by his chibi appearance~
(You better be afraid of...)
He doesn't play with guns, and he never does narcotics~
(Who has time for stupid things like that?)

Lava's phones, I'm really not alone~
Bleskaze, writing's underway~
Zenmei's blade, must get pictures made~
Kyodai no pantsu! (Ah hell, not again...)

He can rule the world, and still finish his commissions~
(Everyone knows I'm the craziest)
You better watch your step or he'll spaz out on you~
(I turned Karasz into a baseball)

I'm all wrapped in my art, and I guess it's true, yar~
I don't have as many friends as you~
But I think you're nice, and maybe we can be frieeeeends...
...and if you say no, YOU'RE OKTOROK~

Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
Just remember this when you browse his gallery~
(I'm the craziest nut you'll ever see)

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: chibi--big eyes and noseless if has a regular human nose
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
Favourite cartoon character: Mitri (GEOweasel)

I actually have bigger issues on my mind, but those don't concern just anyone. I'd rather it stay that way. So let's move to the next big annoyance in my life: the complaints regarding Corrin and Bayonetta coming to Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC.

I get it. None of you wanted Corrin...but by "none of you", I mean "a lot of you". There actually have been a lot of people wanting Corrin/Kamui to join the DLC, so I've seen. Likely out of hype for Fire Emblem Fates. If anyone has the Ballot results, I'm sure you'll find Corrin or Kamui somewhere. But, you know, I bet the opposers to this notion are actually just a loud minority, like with a lot of displeased groups in any fandom.

And how do you opposers know Corrin will play like crap? Last I checked, nobody asked for Wii Fit Trainer, and she became a fun fighter for a lot of people. In fact, the same could be said about R.O.B. back when Brawl was released. Barely anyone demanded his presence. Some thought him in the leaks was a joke. But he became a viable fighter, nonetheless. What I'm saying is, just because "no one" wanted a character doesn't mean the character will automatically be bad in gameplay.

As for Bayonetta...yeah, I know people will constantly be salty about the Ballot results. They'll get pissy that their favorite didn't automatically win. (I'm looking at YOU, K. Rool...) But Sakurai stated that Bayonetta was globally the top pick among all negotiable and realizable characters. Negotiable and realizable. That means any that might have been above her (namely in America) couldn't make it due to legal issues (like Konami's falling-out with Kojima, hurting Snake's hopes) or couldn't be made into a unique fighter that stays true to the base character.

Really, that's probably why the DLC Mii costumes exist - to compensate for theoretical newcomers that just couldn't work for one reason or another. That much was pretty obvious to me when characters like Chrom (who's already Robin's Final Smash) and Flying Man (who's a part of Magicant) had costumes based on them.

...Y'know, I was actually expecting Inklings to join the DLC cast for a while. But the day the above-mentioned DLC costume pack was revealed, I had to consider something. Was there a reason they released Inkling Mii costumes AND a free Inkling trophy? Perhaps it was because they couldn't work Inklings in somehow, due to programming issues. Same deal as the Ice Climbers, really. That's pretty much when I considered that the costumes are there as compensation. That says something about certain characters.

I know my words will do nothing to sway just anyone. I know people will still call shenanigans on this whole deal. They'll still deny Corrin and Bayonetta's presence in Smash. They'll still claim that Sakurai is a terrible game director. They'll still rage that Goku and Shrek aren't in. They'll still be salty. That's fine. None of my concern if they can't stop wasting their energy on petty grudges.

But still, at least consider these thoughts and make of them what you will. That's all I ask.
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