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Please do comment on my work, because I like to see what you think, and it'd help if you could suggest what more I could do in future works.

Especially my stories. Please comment in my stories.

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UMSAuthorLava a total psychic psycho.
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Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
He's inspired by Japan and his insert has no eyeballs~
(The eye sockets shoot blood and Chacarron)

Don't let yourself be fooled by his chibi appearance~
(You better be afraid of...)
He doesn't play with guns, and he never does narcotics~
(Who has time for stupid things like that?)

Lava's phones, I'm really not alone~
Bleskaze, writing's underway~
Zenmei's blade, must get pictures made~
Kyodai no pantsu! (Ah hell, not again...)

He can rule the world, and still finish his commissions~
(Everyone knows I'm the craziest)
You better watch your step or he'll spaz out on you~
(I turned Karasz into a baseball)

I'm all wrapped in my art, and I guess it's true, yar~
I don't have as many friends as you~
But I think you're nice, and maybe we can be frieeeeends...
...and if you say no, YOU'RE OKTOROK~

Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
Just remember this when you browse his gallery~
(I'm the craziest nut you'll ever see)

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: chibi--big eyes and noseless if has a regular human nose
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
Favourite cartoon character: Mitri (GEOweasel)
Wiill U be my friend?

Latter July Bits
The scales have been tipped!

Thus ends July. In one and a half months, we'll soon see what all is in Smash (those that are peeking, anyway).

With that, let's see what remains for August to pummel!

-= Neoseeker =-

O Waluigi is an assist trophy (confirmed)
O Miis are playable
O Arceus is a pokeball (confirmed)
is playable
Bandana Waddle Dee is playable
Sabure is playable (I think this is Prince Sable?)
Richard is an assist trophy
Tails is an assist trophy
Yveltal is a pokeball
Sector 4 (Metroid Fusion) is a stage
There is a new stage from the upcoming “X”
There is a new stage from DKC:TF
There is a new stage from “Wonderfull 101”

- Shulk, Bandanna Dee, and/or Prince Sable are not in.
- Richard and/or Tails are not Assist Trophies.
- Yveltal is not in the Poké Balls (or Master Balls, as it were).
- There's no stages of Sector 4, X, Tropical Freeze, and/or Wonderful 101.

-= 4Chan 12 =-

- The roster has 56 characters.
- There are 8 unknown slots in the Wii U version that can be selected on the GamePad...These are said to be for playable bosses.
- Some character slots have glowing or golden borders.
- The GamePad is used to select and aim the boss's attacks. Stronger moves have longer cooldown.
- As HP goes down, attacks get stronger. A super-powerful move is available at low HP.
- King K. Rool and Ridley are two such bosses.
- A few other bosses are described as "a yellow and black ball with a red gem in the middle" (Yellow Devil?), "a flying, bow-wielding shadow" (Dark Pit?), and "a green piranha plant" (Petey Piranha?).
- NFC characters will be coming out, with unique moves, some with exclusive alt costumes.

- The roster doesn't have 56 characters.
- There aren't "8 unknown slots" in the WIi U version.
- You can't play as bosses.
- There aren't character slots with glowing/golden borders.
- The playable boss mechanics don't work like this.
- King K. Rool, Ridley, Dark Pit, and/or Petey Piranha are not bosses.
- There aren't moves or costumes only gotten from NFC characters.

-= Wii U Release =-

- The Wii U version comes out November 21st.
- The Wii U version will have a random Amiibo figure.

- The Wii U version doesn't come out November 21st.
- The Wii U version doesn't have an Amiibo figure.

-= 4Chan 13 =-

- There will be a Direct at the end of August, the last teaser Sakurai has for the games.
- It begins with a trailer featuring Ness, Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, Falco, and Ganondorf, along with another fighter.
- There is an exclusive mode for the Wii U version called Boss Battle Mode, where you control a boss with the GamePad.
- The Direct will also show more alt costumes, items, and Assist Trophies.
- It ends with another trailer showing another newcomer that “isn’t like the one shown in the beginning of the Direct”.
- This Direct will not have shown the last of the newcomers.
- CoroCoro is only revealing the starting roster and hints to unlock other characters.

- The supposed Direct isn't exactly like described.
- There is no such Boss Battle Mode.
- CoroCoro is showing more than the starting roster.
- Okay, so others have pointed this out, but Sakurai hasn't planned on doing anything special with the GamePad, and that's unlikely to change now.
- And after what the official translation at the CoroCoro site said...
- Also, this guy's trying to play WAY too safe by being vague about the two newcomers.

-= Gamefaqs 2 =-

- Dixie Kong, Ridley, Shulk, and Black Shadow are the last newcomers.
- Mewtwo returns with new moves.
- Snake, Squirtle, and Ivysaur are cut.
- Ganondorf has been reworked to some extent.
- Wolf and Lucas are pretty much the same.
- Falco's Final Smash is different.
- Wario's standard outfit is his overalls.
- Meta Knight has been nerfed.
- The 3DS version has a Metroid Fusion stage.
- King K. Rool and Validar are Assist Trophies.
- Risen and Space Pirates appear in Smash Run.

- Dixie Kong, Ridley, Shulk, and/or Black Shadow are not in.
- There are other newcomers.
- Mewtwo, Wolf, Lucas, Falco, Wario, and/or Meta Knight are not in.
- Snake is in.
- Wolf and Lucas have been altered.
- Falco's Final Smash did not change.
- Wario's standard outfit is still his WarioWare look.
- There's no Metroid Fusion stage.
- King K. Rool and/or Validar are not Assist Trophies.
- Risen and/or Space Pirates aren't in Smash Run.
- See...there's a reason that Wario's default look in Smash is his WarioWare outfit. He's in his own team, not in the Mario team (with the mushroom emblem). So, it would make sense to use his look from WarioWare to better differentiate him from Mario's group, that he's of his own series. So I'm pretty sure his default will still be that biker outfit.

-= 4Chan 14 =-

- Lucina is a Marth clone with more speed but less power.
- Ness, Lucas, R.O.B., Falco, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Meta Knight, Wario, Ganondorf, and Jigglypuff are back.
- Wolf, Snake, Ivysaur, and Squirtle are cut, but will each have trophies in-game.
- Mewtwo, Shulk, and Marshal are in.
- Raving Rabbids, Krystal, Ghirahim, Isaac, and the Ghost Gang are Assist Trophies.
- Yveltal is in the Master Ball.
- Ridley is a boss, as is Master Hand.
- King K. Rool is nowhere in the game.
- May have DLC characters.
- Mario and Luigi have Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi costumes.
- Classic Mode allows you to choose which stage you go to. Depending on choices, you'll unlock characters in a different order than anyone else.
- The game will come with a GameCube adapter and controller, and a random Amiibo figure.
- The Wii U version's release date will be in the next newcomer video.

- Ness, Lucas, R.O.B., Falco, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Meta Knight, Wario, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Shulk, and/or Marshal are not in.
- Wolf and/or Snake are in, or don't have trophies in-game.
- At least one of the Assist Trophies mentioned is not in.
- Yveltal is not in Master Balls.
- Ridley is not a boss.
- King K. Rool is somewhere in the game.
- There are no DLC characters.
- There's no Dr. Mario/Dr. Luigi costumes.
- All characters are unlocked the same way in every game.
- The game's bundle doesn't have a GameCube adapter or controller, or Amiibo.
- The next newcomer video doesn't have the Wii U version's release date.
- This person kinda messed up a detail about Lucina. Her stats are virtually the same as Marth's, save for uniform power throughout her sword as opposed to the tip's sweet spot.

-= Miahstorm =- (UPDATED)

- In online play, wavedashing and L-cancelling are always usable. In local play, you can turn them off. Will be announced later.
- Gameplay and falling speed is between the threshold of Brawl and Melee.
- All smash attacks have sweet spots to increase launch power.
- Attack clashes aren't decided by power so much, due to the sweet spot mechanic.
- Air dodging takes from Melee and Brawl. You can dodge like in Melee, but up to three times in one midair session.
- Using certain combos can allow stronger attacks usually not available. (e.g. Little Mac can do neutral attack -> up attack -> air dodge -> down air, resulting in a stronger meteor smash attack) (e.g. Mii Gunner must do neutral air -> neutral air -> down attack -> up attack to make the last step a powerful laser)
- One of the newcomers will be the heaviest in the game.
- Pyrosphere plays host to Greemers (damage on contact), magma rising (not over the platform, but serving as an obstacle), and a boss that no one expected.
- Pokémon League involves the chambers of the Kalos Elite Four, each with a different hazard. Water Chamber is underwater, giving everyone extra launch resistance, Dragon Chamber has a dragon statue that breathes fire, Flame Chamber involves fire pillars that shoot foes upward, and Steel Chamber has giant swords dropping down.
- Dragonroost Island is a flying tour around it, much like Delfino Placa.
- Paranormal Dimension (Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon) is based on the area where you fought King Boo. Ghosts will drop items onto the stage. King Boo appears as a boss.
- Gangplank Galleon has trapdoors, with Kremlings popping out and attacking. It's said the "captain" is not present...
- Marth, Mario, and Toon Link have alt costumes of Lucina (masked and unmasked variants), Dr. Mario, and casual clothes from Outset Island.
- King K. Rool, Ridley, Shulk, Mewtwo, and another Pokémon are in. This Pokémon is from the Hoenn region to celebrate Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Blaziken was not considered, but Sceptile and Marshtomp were.
- Rayman was initially planned for the roster, but scrapped thanks to Rayman Legends's postponement.
- The "three air dodge" was scrapped after testing. So, in local play, you can choose whether to use Melee-style or Brawl-style air dodges. For Fun only uses Brawl air dodges, and For Glory only uses Melee air dodges.
- Combo special moves are limited to one per character.
- Chorus Men are Smash Run enemies, like the Sneaky Spirits.
- The roster has 54 characters overall. 16 of the remaining ones will be shown before launch, and the last 2 will be shown afterward. Five of these unrevealed characters are newcomers (Mewtwo is a veteran).
- Six of the veterans are Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, Meta Knight, Ganondorf, and Falco.
- King K. Rool is the heaviest fighter. He mostly uses brute strength, but also has a chargeable cannon.
- Ridley is big and floaty, being subpar in ground combat but dangerous in the air. His fireballs leave flame traps on the ground.
- Shulk uses Monado Arts to bolster his combat style in many ways.
- Bandana Dee is very fast and very powerful. His only downside is his very low weight.
- Sceptile is a fast dynamic fighter, using a tricky moveset. It uses Leaf Blade, Pursuit, Mega Drain, and Energy Ball.
- Bandana Dee is the next to be revealed. He might be shown at SDCC, along with Meta Knight. Meta Knight was nerfed power-wise, but keeps his speed. Mach Tornado and Drill Rush were replaced with new specials.

- Wavedashing and L-cancelling are not present anywhere.
- Not all smash attacks have these supposed sweet spots.
- Air dodging is nothing like Melee's.
- These alleged secret attacks are not present.
- None of the newcomers are the heaviest in the game.
- Pyrosphere and/or Pokémon League don't operate as said here.
- Dragonroost Island, Paranormal Dimension, and/or Gangplank Galleon are not in, or are not as said here.
- Marth, Mario, and/or Toon Link don't have said alt costumes.
- King K. Rool, Ridley, Shulk, Mewtwo, Sceptile, and/or Bandana Dee are not in.
- A newcomer besides Bandana Dee is shown next.
- There are other newcomers besides the five mentioned.
- Oh please, wavedashing and L-cancelling always on in online play?? I thought Sakurai was working to get rid of those! Why make them mandatory online, even?
- This talk of sweet spots and combo-specific attacks and Melee-esque air dodges is just ridiculous. This guy clearly wants something more complicated than Melee.
- Uh, Wii U version already has a Delfino Plaza-like stage. It's called Skyloft.
- Lucina's already a separate character! It was said that this was typed before the Lucina/Robin trailer, but still...
- Okay...seriously. I REALLY doubt they're including a Gen-3 Pokémon just for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, which wasn't even in production when Smash's began! X/Y were! And did he mean Swampert instead of Marshtomp?
- Here's how he described Sceptile's playstyle: a "
slightly speedy dynamic character, using his somewhat above average agility and tricky moveset to beat foes". Uh...I think we've already seen that in Greninja. And Wolf. Of the five newcomers he suggests, this has the least-inspired playstyle. Now you see why I favor Serperior over Sceptile?

-= Gamefaqs 3 =-

- King K. Rool uses his crown as a boomerang, a huge slam attack, and the Blunderbuss. Uses two different kinds of shots - a standard straight shot and a slower curved shot that explodes on contact. Has captain and boxer alts.
- Bandana Dee is fast and uses quick attacks. Recovers with Spear Copter, and can spear-dive onto foes and bounce off them.
- Monita uses Nintendo Land elements and generic robot attacks.
- Ridley is the largest fighter with amazing air game but sub-par ground game. Uses Other M design. Last newcomer to be seen pre-release.
- Ness, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf, and Meta Knight return.
- Jigglypuff uses Dazzling Gleam for a neutral special, charging a gem that gets more opaque the stronger it gets. Sing gives a little boost in the air. Everything else is pretty much the same.
- Mr. Game & Watch appears as in the Pac-Man trailer, with his previous look as an alt.
- Ganondorf uses Dead Man's Volley as a neutral special. At full charge, it can be struck around by attacks, affecting its speed. Low charge can paralyze foes. Up special is a rising lunge with his sword. Down special is a shockwave meant for knocking foes skyward.
- Falco plays more like his Melee incarnation. His Final Smash has him jump into the Arwing and zoom around the stage a few times. He says "Now this is more like it!"
- Wolf is mostly unchanged. His side special's sweet spot has more knockback and his Reflector has a fire aspect.
- Meta Knight's neutral special launches a tornado. Side special was also changed.
- There are other characters...

- King K. Rool, Bandana Dee, Monita, Ridley, Ness, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf, and/or Meta Knight are not in.
- The characters don't work like described.

-= QA Leak =-

- Ridley is in. His ground game is subpar, but his air game is phenomenal. Only slightly bigger than Bowser, and kind of hunched over. Based on his Super Metroid design. Final Smash involves a grab and lots of fire.
- Jeff is in as a lightweight zoning fighter. Many of his moves involve explosives and other gadgets that he uses, but also uses debuff moves. He can use Defense Shower (down special) to temporarily halve the damage and knockback he takes. Side special is a bazooka, working as a more powerful version of Snake's Nikita Missile.
- Ghirahim is not in. Instead, there's a rather controversial Zelda newcomer, one that nobody wanted...
- One newcomer is a retro star with a massive makeover.
- There is one Star Fox newcomer.
- Bandana Dee was hinted...
- Shulk is in, using Monado Arts for his specials. Monado Buster is a good KO tool, Monado Speed makes him faster for a while, Monado Eater seems to remove enemy buffs, and Monado Cyclone pushes foes, items, and projectiles back.
- There is no other Pokémon newcomer, Advance Wats fighter, Rhythm Heaven fighter, Lip, or Monita.
- Isaac wasn't anywhere in the game, though Golden Sun music appeared. Might be DLC.
- Some newcomers won't be announced before launch, some of them being clone characters.

- Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. return.
- Lucas is the only cut, it seems.
- Dedede's Final Smash MIGHT be his Masked Dedede alter-ego.
- Mewtwo wasn't seen, but might be DLC.
- Captain Falcon is "pretty fast, only Sonic is faster, he thinks". Custom specials are pretty standard tilts of either faster or stronger.
- Snake's stance is a mystery for now...

- Diddy Kong has an alt costume of Dixie Kong.
- Kirby has many alt costumes of his most iconic Copy Power hats. They temporarily vanish when copying another character.
- Dark Pit is just a palette for Pit again.
- Pac-Man has Red Hat and Ghostly Adventures alts.
- Villager has MANY alts.
- Robin lacks customization, save for hair color.
- Mega Man has an alt costume of Proto Man, changing only his intro animation (with the iconic whistle).
- Roy and Dr. Mario appear as alts.

- Onett and Fourside return as retro stages, in both versions.
- There are two stages based on Mother 3. One of them is Lightning Tower, where Mr. Genetor appears as a boss.
- Kirby Triple Deluxe cruise-type stage on the 3DS version.
- Return to Dream Land stage on the Wii U version. Has a boss.
- Almost all stages have Final Destination versions. Some have Battlefield forms.

- Other M Ridley appears as the Pyrosphere boss.
- King K. Rool is a boss in Smash Run and Coin Launcher.

- Mr. Saturn and Franklin Badge are the only Mother items appearing.
- Rambi is an Assist Trophy that works like Gogoat. There's no Chunky Kong Assist Trophy.
- Ray Mk-III isn't seen among the Assist Trophies...
- There are lots of minor trophies from second/third-party games.
- Bayonetta and Professor Layton aren't in, but they do have trophies.
- There is no "misc." category of trophies.

- There is DLC in development for stages, fighters, music, and game modes.
- DLC will begin after the Wii U version's launch, and will be cross-buy.

- The Coin Launcher from Brawl returns. It's faster and more intense, and has Nintendo enemies appearing as obstacles. You can also get equipment here.
- The Lottery from Melee also returns. It also lets you unlock characters and stages.
- Later, an Additonal Lottery appears, letting you spend in-game coins for a chance to get DLC for free. Odds are low, of course.
- Smash Run has boss enemies appearing as events. One of them is Kraid.
- The 3DS version's Adventure Mode was seen in the trailer. Wii U's is kinda similar.
- Stage Builder returns, with even more kinds of pieces to use.
- Roster consists of over 50 characters, DLC aside.

- Ridley, Jeff, Shulk, the controversial Zelda newcomer, a retro star, and/or a Star Fox newcomer are not in.
- Ghirahim, another Pokémon newcomer, an Advance Wars fighter, a Rhythm Heaven fighter, Lip, and/or Monita are in.
- Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch, and/or R.O.B. do not return.
- Lucas is in.
- Dedede's Final Smash is not Masked Dedede.
- At least one of the mentioned alts is not in.
- Onett and/or Fourside are not in, or are not on both versions.
- There aren't two stages based on Mother 3, and/or one of them isn't Lightning Tower.
- There's no stages of Kirby Triple Deluxe or of Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
- There's no Battlefield forms of stages.
- Other M Ridley, King K. Rool, and/or Kraid are not bosses.
- There are other Mother items.
- Rambi is not an Assist Trophy.
- There is a Chunky Kong Assist Trophy.
- Bayonetta and/or Professor Layton are not just trophies.
- There's still a misc. category for trophies.
- There's no DLC for any of the contents, or an Additional Lottery.
- Coin Launcher and/or Lottery do not return, or they don't work as described.
- 3DS and Wii U have different Adventure Modes.
- Stage Builder is not back.
- Cut Lucas and add two new Mother 3 stages? WHAT. What's the point of bringing in brand new Mother 3 stages if you don't have the Mother 3 protagonist? I'm sure Mr. Genetor would be even more obscure than Porky was.
- I...seriously don't think Dixie Kong would work as a Diddy alt. For one thing...tail attacks.

-= Anonymous SSB4 Dojo Commenter =-

- The roster will have 56 characters.
- The remaining 9 newcomers are one from Pokémon, two from the Donkey Kong series, one from EarthBound, one from Star Fox, one retro star, and three new standalones.
- 9 of the remaining 12 veterans are returning.
- Two mystery characters will be added as free DLC - one a month after the 3DS version release, and one a month after the Wii U version release. They will be cross-platform.
- All this will be explained in the next Smash Bros. Direct.

- There aren't 56 characters.
- There aren't 9 newcomers.
- More than 9 of the remaining veterans are returning.
- There isn't one new Pokémon, two new DK reps, one new EarthBound rep, one new Star Fox rep, one new retro star, and/or three new standalones.
- There aren't any DLC characters.
- Some of this isn't revealed in the next Smash Bros. Direct.
- I'm still skeptical of the "two more DK characters" bit, of course. The "new EarthBound character" one also gets me suspicious, though...
- So...which of the 12 standing veterans are out? It could at least be specific. Given what we got, I wouldn't be surprised if he meant to say Lucas, Snake, and Wolf.

We also have a new one to finish this month off!

-= 4Chan Cryptic =-

Image here

20U (L,C,I,M,S,M,P)
5N <-- (M,D,M,Z,X)
3V tbr (W,I,L)

= Likely translation =
- The roster has 53 characters - 33 are starting, and 20 are unlockable.
- The unlockables we've seen are likely Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ike, Marth, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man.
- Five of the newcomers each come from the Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda, and Xenoblade Chronicles series. (One of the Ms could also be Mother or Mach Rider, or even Marshal)
- Three veterans are to be revealed - Wolf, Ice Climbers, and Lucas.

- There aren't 53 characters.
- There aren't 33 starting characters.
- There isn't a newcomer from the Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda, Xenoblade, Mother, and/or Mach Rider.
- Wolf, Ice Climbers, and/or Lucas aren't in, or aren't revealed before release.
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