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I would greatly appreciate comments on my works. It would help to know how you feel about them and even any suggestions to improve my style.

Especially on backgrounds. I could really go for background advice.

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Dominion - Lucas revamp by UMSAuthorLava
Dominion - Lucas revamp
:iconcommentplz: Or vice-versa.

Another big character revamp - this time, it's for Dominion tritagonist Lucas Vinisha!

Mostly decided that...I'd change Lucas from a boy to a girl. A tomboy, at that - though she gets annoyed at how easily people mistake her for a man. I imagine that even Damian, who has a great deal of respect for ladies, might not get her gender right at first. Regardless, she's become an integral part of TEMPLAR as her father has, namely in the R&D department. Some say her head is in the clouds for getting so lost in the stories and legends of Ryuga's past, especially since they describe lands not remembered by the almost-shrunken world.

Thanks to the music from her player unlocking Damian from a long-time slumber, Lucas was able to come up with a harmonics generator called DRAGOS Junction (Draconic Resonance Aura Generation Optimizing System), or DJ for shorter. It consists of a chest-piece, a headset, gauntlets, and boots, resonating with the world's natural beat to generate harmonic energy. This can be transferred to others to stabilize and even empower them, or used to attack with sonic blasts and strikes. The headset is important, too - it essentially enhances Lucas's senses to more quickly detect what isn't immediately noticeable.

Lucas is more than just a gadget-wearing researcher, though - she's also a trained martial artist. Her favored style is quite similar to our Southern Dragon Kung Fu, prioritizing strong close-range strikes, seizing techniques, and zig-zagging advances. This plays well with DRAGOS Junction's attacks and defenses.

- Kung fu movies
- Iron Man (Marvel comics)
- Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
- Kick (DiveKick)
- Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
- Nonon Jakuzure's Symphony Regalia (Kill la Kill)
- Hsien-Ko's Henkyou Ki (Darkstalkers)
- Azura (Fire Emblem Fates)

- Lucas (c) me

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Mr. Author
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
He's inspired by Japan and his insert has no eyeballs~
(The eye sockets shoot blood and Chacarron)

Don't let yourself be fooled by his chibi appearance~
(You better be afraid of...)
He doesn't play with guns, and he never does narcotics~
(Who has time for stupid things like that?)

Lava's phones, I'm really not alone~
Bleskaze, writing's underway~
Zenmei's blade, must get pictures made~
Kyodai no pantsu! (Ah hell, not again...)

He can rule the world, and still finish his commissions~
(Everyone knows I'm the craziest)
You better watch your step or he'll spaz out on you~
(I turned Karasz into a baseball)

I'm all wrapped in my art, and I guess it's true, yar~
I don't have as many friends as you~
But I think you're nice, and maybe we can be frieeeeends...
...and if you say no, YOU'RE OKTOROK~

Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
Just remember this when you browse his gallery~
(I'm the craziest nut you'll ever see)

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: chibi--big eyes and noseless if has a regular human nose
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
Favourite cartoon character: Mitri (GEOweasel)

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