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Please do comment on my work, because I like to see what you think, and it'd help if you could suggest what more I could do in future works.

Especially my stories. Please comment in my stories.

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UMSAuthorLava a total psychic psycho.
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United States
Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
He's inspired by Japan and his insert has no eyeballs~
(The eye sockets shoot blood and Chacarron)

Don't let yourself be fooled by his chibi appearance~
(You better be afraid of...)
He doesn't play with guns, and he never does narcotics~
(Who has time for stupid things like that?)

Lava's phones, I'm really not alone~
Bleskaze, writing's underway~
Zenmei's blade, must get pictures made~
Kyodai no pantsu! (Ah hell, not again...)

He can rule the world, and still finish his commissions~
(Everyone knows I'm the craziest)
You better watch your step or he'll spaz out on you~
(I turned Karasz into a baseball)

I'm all wrapped in my art, and I guess it's true, yar~
I don't have as many friends as you~
But I think you're nice, and maybe we can be frieeeeends...
...and if you say no, YOU'RE OKTOROK~

Who's the freak next door, making all this crazy artwork?
(You better know my name cause I'm...)
Just remember this when you browse his gallery~
(I'm the craziest nut you'll ever see)

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: chibi--big eyes and noseless if has a regular human nose
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
Favourite cartoon character: Mitri (GEOweasel)
Wiill U be my friend?

Death of Julius

-= The Awkward Leak =-

- Ice Climbers have improved grabs, but are a tad weaker in other areas. They also can't de-sync as well.
- Wario also returns.
- Link has Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow for custom specials.
- Robin's custom specials affect how many times each tome can be used.
- Lucina and Marth have different kinds of custom specials. One of Lucina's neutral specials adds a lot more range, and Marth's makes the tip's hitbox bigger for a bit.
- Shulk is in. His neutral special makes his Monado bigger, and his down special is a counter that inflicts heavy stun. His recovery doesn't go very high, but it trips foes if used on the ground. His side smash does more damage from behind foes.
- Ridley is in. He's practically an inverse-Little Mac - his ground game is subpar, but his air game is phenomenal. His neutral special involves fire breath, and his side special is a rushing grab.
- The Double Cherry was an item, but due to how it doubled Olimar and his Pikmin in testing, it was scrapped.
- There is an Inkling trophy.
- Pit can do a smash taunt (presumably in Palutena's Temple) and talk with Hades and/or Viridi about his opponent.
- Event Matches are back, and are more like Melee's. Some of these are based around the newcomer trailers.

- Ice Climbers and/or Wario are not in.
- Link's custom neutral specials are not Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow.
- Shulk and/or Ridley are not in.
- There is no Inkling trophy.
- Pit can't do a smash taunt involving Hades/Viridi.
- Event Matches aren't as described.

-= Redacted =- (DISTRUST!)

- Everyone from Brawl (except Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake) is back.
- Ganondorf's side smash uses his sword, and his neutral and down specials are completely new.
- Wolf's new Final Smash uses his Wolfen in a similar manner to Zero Suit Samus's Gunship.
- Mewtwo returns...that is, a female one based on the recent movie. Unlike Melee Mewtwo, she uses a barrier for her down special. Final Smash makes her Mega Evolve into the Y form.
- Dixie Kong is somewhat similar to Diddy, but uses her ponytail and guitar for most of her attacks. Holding the jump button makes her fall slower.
- Shulk is somewhat slow, but his Monado has great range. Final Smash makes him faster and able to dodge everything for a while.
- Chorus Kids move as one, even when hit. Their moves are based on the Rhythm Heaven minigames.
- Ghirahim is a fast swordfighter, and a technical combatant, too. He has a counter move where he seizes the opponent and throws them aside.
- Dark Pit is an alt costume for Pit.
- King K. Rool is an Assist Trophy, jumping around and throwing his crown.
- Isaac, Infantry & Tanks, and Ray Mk-III are returning Assist Trophies. Others include Bandana Dee, Tempo, Sukapon, and the Urban Champion.
- Other M Ridley is a boss in Pyrosphere, and Super Metroid Ridley is a boss in Smash Run. There are no Metroid newcomers.
- Smash Run bosses include Kraid, Hydreigon, Boom-Boom, Tiki Tong, Marx, Thanatos, Cragalanche, Galleom, and others.
- Gaur Plain is a stage in both versions.
- An Underworld stage (Kid Icarus) appears in the Wii U version, with Medusa as a boss.
- Each version has a Rhythm Heaven stage based on Remix levels.
- The Wii U version has a Nintendo Land stage.
- The 3DS version has a Pushmo stage.
- There's a Bayonetta trophy.
- Stage Builder only appears in the Wii U version, with more themes and stage elements to use. It's done with the GamePad.

- Ghirahim is an Assist Trophy.

-= 4Chan 15 =-

- There is a Smash Bros. Direct later in August. It will be 45 minutes long - the first 25 on the 3DS version, and the last 20 on hints about the Wii U version.
- All the starting characters will be known. This means that Wario, Ice Climbers, Falco, and Ness will be shown.
- Wario is shown in a trailer in the beginning that introduces Chorus Kids.
- Snake is mentioned to be among the unlockable characters, and is shown at the very end of the Direct.
- Classic Mode has path selection, a difficulty system similar to the Fiend's Cauldron in Kid Icarus Uprising, and more.
- Boss enemies are shown - Yellow Devil, Petey Piranha (in the Floating Stadium from Brawl, but without cages), Dark Pit (Palutena's Temple), and King K. Rool (Gangplank Galleon). Ridley is once again mysteriously absent.
- There are many minigames based on classic games, only on 3DS.
- Balloon Fight involves Villagers that fly infinitely with their Balloon Trip move in the Balloon Fight stage.
- A Punch-Out!! mode exists where you play as Wireframe Mac and fight foes with the camera behind him.
- There are Urban Champion, Mario Bros., Ice Climber, and Pac-Man minigames, too.

- There isn't a Direct this month.
- Wario, Ice Climbers, Falco, Ness, Chorus Kids, and/or Snake are not shown.
- Petey Piranha, Dark Pit, and/or King K. Rool are not bosses.
- The minigames aren't all as described.

-= 4Chan 16 =-

- The following are the remaining newcomers.
- K. Rool is in, not specified as King or Captain as he can be dressed as both.
- Ganon is in, wielding his trident.
- Ridley is in, looking much like his Brawl self.
- Impa is in, and is like a heavier Sheik.
- Duck Hunt Dog is in. Uses ducks, clay pigeons, and the Zapper gun, and has THE expected taunt.
- Dixie Kong is in, heavier than Diddy.
- Maxwell is in, attacking with random objects. Down special changes the adjective attached to his objects. Final Smash summons Cthulhu.
- Captain Rainbow is in, and calls upon retro characters to help out.
- The Other M Ridley appears in Pyrosphere if someone does a certain input on the GamePad. He fights much like playable Ridley, but is larger and stronger. This is the only boss that works this way, and is more of an Easter egg.
- Snake is the only cut.
- The Mii Fighters have their own three separate slots.
- Mewtwo isn't in.
- DLC will be available through Amiibos, but it won't be for new characters, items, or stages.

- Namco is planning Pokémon SMASH, and Mewtwo will be included, as well as its own Amiibos. Expected release: 2016-2017.

- K. Rool, Ganon, Ridley, Impa, Duck Hunt Dog, Dixie Kong, Maxwell, and/or Captain Rainbow are not in, or there are other newcomers.
- Other M Ridley isn't an "Easter egg".
- Wario, Ganondorf, Meta Knight, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Falco, Wolf, Ness, Lucas, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, and/or R.O.B. are not in.
- Snake and/or Mewtwo are in.
- There is no Amiibo-based DLC.
- Mii Fighters are not in separate slots.
- Namco isn't planning on Pokémon SMASH for 2016-2017.
- Two Zelda newcomers (one is ANOTHER clone). Two DK newcomers. Captain Rainbow. MAXWELL. DUCK HUNT DOG. These are the remaining newcomers?
- Easter egg boss? That's just ridiculous.
- Snake is the ONLY cut? No mention of Squirtle or Ivysaur? Or even Ganondorf, since you got GANON in?
- ...Well, what's the Amiibo DLC for if not for any of those?!

-= Jon =- (UPDATED)

- All characters in Brawl (except Snake, Ivysaur, and Squirtle) are in.
- Ganondorf has a Dead Man's Volley neutral special, a sword side special, and an up special similar to Ike's Aether.
- Wario is practically unchanged.
- Peach's new Final Smash involves the Vibe Scepter from Super Princess Peach.
- Ness and Lucas now use PK Rockin and PK Love (respectively) for their Final Smashes.
- Falco and Wolf get new Final Smashes. What they are was unsaid.
- There are other new Final Smashes, but those haven't been told.
- Remaining newcomers are Isaac, Shulk, K. Rool, Duck Hunt Dog, a Rhythm Heaven rep, and a fourth Mii Fighter called Mii Sorcerer.
- Ridley is a Pyrosphere boss, in the Other M design. The Super Metroid Ridley gets a trophy.
- Stage bosses can be turned off.
- There are other third-party Assist Trophies, like Phoenix Wright.
- Captain Falcon has a Black Shadow alt.
- All characters have at least one alt.
- One trailer coming up will have Shulk, Isaac, and Duck Hunt Dog.
- Another trailer will have King K. Rool and Rhythm Heaven rep.
- There are other secret newcomers. Krystal and a Kirby rep were mentioned. There are a couple of others.
- Phoenix Wright is the only Assist Trophy among those, as the third-party ones are limited to SEGA, Namco, and Capcom.
- The Monster Hunter monsters are just regular trophies.
- Some trophies are animated, moving around, blinking, and/or saying things.
- Starting roster is: Mario, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina, Pit, Palutena, Marth, Robin, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lucas, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, Fox, Falco, Kirby, Dedede, Wario, Yoshi, Link, Zelda, Sheik, Olimar, Samus, and Zero Suit Samus.
- King K. Rool has Musket Shot (neutral), Boomerang Crown (side), Helicopter Pack (up), and a butt slam (down). Final Smash makes cannonballs rain down.
- Goku (Yuyuki) is an Assist Trophy, jumping around and attacking with his staff. This is apparently a response to "people asking for Goku".
- James McCloud (F-Zero) is an Assist Trophy.
- 3DS Kirby stage is Popopo Islands (Mass Attack).
- Nintendo Land (Wii U) is a traveling stage that visits Takamaru's Ninja Castle (with ninjas attacking with shuriken), Mario Chase (Yoshi Carts sometimes hit you), and Link's Battle Quest (with Stringy Ganon as a boss). Monita travels with the stage.
- The Wii U and 3DS have different Chibi-Robos stages.
- Gangplank Galleon appears in both systems. It operates somewhat like Pirate Ship.
- For Xenoblade Chronicles, the 3DS stage is Gaur Plains and the Wii U stage is Colony 9.
- For Golden Sun, the 3DS stage is Sol Sanctum and the Wii U stage is Vale (about as big as Mario Circuit in Brawl).
- The Duck Hunt stage is called Shooting Range.
- Alts include: Dr. Mario (Mario), Mr. L and Dr. Luigi (Luigi), Daisy (Peach), Dry Bowser (Bowser), Cosmic Spirit (Rosalina), Ocarina of Time appearance (Link), Proto Man (Mega Man), Ghostly Adentures and Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man), Metal Sonic (Sonic), Black Shadow (Captain Falcon), Lord and Vanguard (Ike), Awakening DLC (Marth), hooded and female (Robin), Wireframe and Hoodie (Little Mac), and opposite genders (Villager).

- Wario, Ganondorf, Meta Knight, Jigglypuff, Falco, Wolf, Ness, Lucas, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., Isaac, Shulk, K. Rool, Duck Hunt Dog, Rhythm Heaven rep, Mii Sorcerer, Krystal, and/or Kirby rep are not in.
- Snake is in.
- Veteran changes described are not so.
- Ridley is not a boss.
- Stage bosses can't be turned off.
- There aren't other third-party Assist Trophies.
- Captain Falcon doesn't have a Black Shadow alt.
- Some characters don't have any alts.
- One of the mentioned trailers isn't so.
- Trophies are not animated like that.
- Goku and/or James McCloud aren't Assist Trophies.
- At least one of the stages listed isn't in.
- At least one of the alts isn't in.
- Is a fourth Mii Fighter type really necessary...?
- Turning stage bosses OFF? Yeah, sounds like some wet dream.
- What about Pokémon? What'll their alts be? And don't say "shiny", because that's a simple palette swap.
- Animated trophies? Seriously? I can understand the one from Hotel Dusk being animated, as it was just an animated still of the main character in the game's art style, but...YEESH.
- {looks at the alts listed} ...Wow. Minor changes with Ocarina Link and hooded Robin, outlandish ones with Metal Sonic and Black Shadow, and no mention of male Wii Fit Trainer even with Little Mac's and Villager's. Huh.

-= 4chan 17 =-

- The roster was originally going to have only 50 characters, but with things like Subspace Emissary, Masterpieces, and Chronicles cut, it was boosted to about 55 characters.
- Newcomers are not talked about.
- Guaranteed veterans are Ice Climbers, Wario, Mewtwo, Snake, and Mr. Game & Watch.
- Mid-match form-changing used to be in, but was cut when both versions had troubles with them, and the "forms" were split.
- Wii U exclusive modes include Stage Builder (with GamePad compatibility), Target Test (three unique stages per character), co-op Classic, a short Adventure Mode (with Melee-esque platforming and Brawl-style map), Boss Battle mode, and a Vs. Classic. There are also more Event Matches and a variation of Home Run Contest.
- In Vs. Classic, two players go through various unique battles, then ends with Master Hand vs. Crazy Hand.

- The roster isn't around 55 characters.
- Masterpieces and/or Chronicles return.
- Ice Climbers, Wario, Mewtwo, Snake, and/or Mr. Game & Watch are not in.
- The Wii U version does not have Stage Builder, Target Test, co-op/Vs. Classic, the described Adventure Mode, and/or Boss Battle mode.

-= 4chan 18 =-

- One coming-up pre-announced trailer will confirm Dixie Kong and King K. Rool.
- Another trailer (at the end of a Direct) shows various bad guys (Wario, Ganondorf, and Bowser) leading an assault. This also reveals Dr. Eggman.
- Wii U version might be pushed back to early 2015.

- Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Wario, Ganondorf, and/or Dr. Eggman are not in.
- Wii U version is not pushed back to early 2015.
- Okay...if two sudden DK newcomers didn't throw off my trust, then Dr. Eggman did. In fact, regarding that alone, I don't know why I even bothered sharing this one...

'-= Reddit 2 =- (DISTRUST!)

- Remaining veterans are Wario, Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Ness, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B.
- Remaining newcomers are Bowser Jr., Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Ghirahim, Ridley, Dog & Hunter, Shulk, and Chorus Kids.
- Dog & Hunter's gimmick is described as "not fun at all apparently".
- Ridley uses the Other M look, but also happens to be a hazard on Pyrosphere with a swap feature.
- Snake and Lucas are DLC, as well as possibly more.
- There are alt costumes of Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, and Dark Pit, possibly more.
- This means that (sans DLC) the roster has 57 characters.

- Ghirahim is an Assist Trophy.
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